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As a token of our appreciation, we would like to offer you a special discount on your next purchase. To redeem your discount, simply use the unique promo code [ ninjaz10 ]  as describe below.

First select Your Desired Product from our selection.

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 After choosing the product you will be redirect to the Amazon page of the relative item.

When you reach the cart section you can use the 10% discount (ninjaz10) as shown below

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This limited-time offer is our way of saying "arigatou gozaimasu" (thank you) for choosing to embark on this flavorful journey with us.

Stay tuned for exciting updates, new product releases, and insider information on the latest Japanese snacks and sweets. We promise to keep your snacking experience delightful and unforgettable.

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Happy Snacking!

The Ninjaz Treatz Team

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